Quilter (QLT)




FTSE 250

  • Change Today:
  • 52 Week High: 174.70
  • 52 Week Low: 124.25
  • Currency: UK Pounds
  • Shares Issued: 1,902.25m
  • Volume: 3,177,986
  • Market Cap: 2,795.36m
  • RiskGrade: 176

Dividend Data

Total Dividend3.30pn/a
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Fundamentals - based on IFRS

  (Millions) (Millions)
Income Statement 31-Dec-18 31-Dec-17
Continuing Operations    
Revenue (2,341.00) 6,163.00
Operating Profit/(Loss) 22.00 34.00
Net Interest (17.00) (39.00)
Profit Before Tax 5.00 (5.00)
Profit After Tax 174.00 (46.00)
Discontinued Operations    
Profit After Tax 314.00 203.00
Attributable to:    
Equity Holders of Parent Company 488.00 157.00
Minority Interests n/a n/a
Continuing EPS    
Earnings per Share - Basic 9.50p (2.50p)
Earnings per Share - Diluted 9.40p (2.50p)
Earnings per Share - Adjusted 12.40p 10.70p
Continuing and Discontinued EPS    
Earnings per Share - Basic 26.60p 8.60p
Earnings per Share - Diluted 26.50p 8.60p
Earnings per Share - Adjusted 12.40p 10.70p
Dividend per Share 3.30p n/a
  (Millions) (Millions)
Balance Sheet 31-Dec-18 31-Dec-17
Non-Current Assets    
Property, Plant & Equipment 17.00 18.00
Intangible Assets 550.00 574.00
Investment Properties n/a n/a
Investments 59,221.00 64,251.00
Other Financial Assets 2,395.00 2,360.00
Other Non-Current Assets n/a n/a
  62,183.00 67,203.00
Current Assets    
Inventories n/a n/a
Trade & Other Receivables 533.00 497.00
Cash at Bank & in Hand 2,395.00 2,360.00
Current Asset Investments n/a n/a
Other Current Assets n/a n/a
  2,928.00 2,857.00
Other Assets 679.00 1,913.00
Total Assets 65,790.00 71,973.00
Current Liabilities    
Borrowings n/a n/a
Other Current Liabilities n/a n/a
  n/a n/a
Net Current Assets cn/a cn/a
Non-Current Liabilities    
Borrowings 197.00 782.00
Provisions 153.00 294.00
Other Non-Current Liabilities n/a n/a
  350.00 1,076.00
Other Liabilities 63,435.00 69,798.00
Total Liabilities 63,785.00 70,874.00
Net Assets 2,005.00 1,099.00
Capital & Reserves    
Share Capital 133.00 130.00
Share Premium Account 58.00 58.00
Other Reserves 623.00 39.00
Retained Earnings 1,191.00 872.00
Shareholders Funds 2,005.00 1,099.00
Minority Interests/Other Equity n/a n/a
Total Equity 2,005.00 1,099.00
Cash Flow 31-Dec-18 31-Dec-17
Net Cash Flow From Operating Activities 144.00 4,349.00
Returns On Investment & Servicing of Finance fn/a fn/a
Taxation Paid fn/a fn/a
Net Cash Flow from Investing Activities (7.00) (3,391.00)
Acquisitions & Disposals gn/a gn/a
Dividends Paid fn/a fn/a
Management of Liquid Resources cn/a cn/a
Net Cash Flow from Financing Activities (248.00) (48.00)
Net Increase/Decrease In Cash (111.00) 910.00
Ratios - based on IFRS 31-Dec-18 31-Dec-17
Continuing Operations    
PE Ratio - Adjusted 9.5 n/a
PEG - Adjusted 0.6 n/a
Earnings per Share Growth - Adjusted 16% n/a
Dividend Cover 3.76 n/a
Revenue per Share (127.78p) 336.78p
Pre-Tax Profit per Share 0.27p (0.27p)
Operating Margin (0.94%) 0.55%
Return on Capital Employed 1.22% 2.12%
Continuing & Discontinued Operations    
PE Ratio - Adjusted 9.5 n/a
PEG - Adjusted 0.6 n/a
Earnings per Share Growth - Adjusted 16% n/a
Dividend Cover 3.76 n/a
Dividend Yield 2.8% 0.0%
Dividend per Share Growth n/a n/a
Operating Cash Flow per Share 7.86p n/a
Cash Incr/Decr per Share (6.06p) 49.73p
Net Asset Value per Share (exc. Intangibles) 79.42p 28.69p
Net Gearing n/a n/a



a. Includes discontinued activities

b. Including assets due in more than one year

c. Not disclosed under IFRS

d. Total fixed assets

e. Includes borrowings

f. Included in cash flow from operating activities under IFRS

g. Included in net cash from investing activities under IFRS

h. Pre-tax

i. Capital expenditure

j. Based on operating cash flow before tax

k. Issue of ordinary shares

Note 1: Prices and trades are provided by Digital Look Corporate Solutions and are delayed by at least 15 minutes.

Note 2: RiskGrade figures are provided by RiskMetrics.

Note 3: Above ratios are on a 'per annum' basis, adjusted for corporate actions and based on the fundamentals of the primary listed security.

Note 4: Under IFRS, all figures are based on 'Continuing' operations unless otherwise stated.

Note 5: Forecast figures based on normalised accounts.


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