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Small Cap Market Data

FTSE Small Cap Chart
FTSE Small Cap Chart
Index Value Chg
FTSE Small Cap 5442 +12.95
FTSE AIM All-Share 910 +1.24
FTSE AIM 100 4689 +2.70
FTSE AIM 50 5041 +14.30

Small Cap Top Risers

Name Price +/-
Bloomsbury Publ... 231.00p 11.00p
Mcbride 91.50p 3.50p
Foxtons Group 57.30p 2.00p
Nanoco Group 54.40p 1.80p
AO World 104.00p 3.20p

Latest News

  • Seeing Machines welcomes EU rule mandating warning systems

    (Sharecast News) - Computer vision technology company Seeing Machines updated the market on Friday, welcoming the outcome of the European Parliament's Internal Market Committee, where a set of rules were approved to advance safety for all road users in the European Union.

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