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Donald Trump calls for global cooperation, labels impeachment 'hoax'

By Alexander Bueso

Date: Tuesday 21 Jan 2020

Donald Trump calls for global cooperation, labels impeachment 'hoax'

(Sharecast News) - America's President trumpeted the country's achievements thus far in his first presidential term while calling on all countries to work together.

In a much awaited speech at the World Economic Forum, in Davos, Switzerland, Donald Trump said that the US had regained its stride and that the "powerful machinery" of US enterprise had been "reawakened".

"[The US] is in the midst of economic boom the likes of which the world has never seen before," he said.

That, he claimed, was despite the US central bank, the Federal Reserve, having been too quick to raise interest rates and afterwards too slow to cut them.

The US President also stressed the importance of the country's work ethic and that it was ordinary Americans who were benefiting from economic growth.

"The U.S. celebrating the dignity of work is a fundamental pillar of our agenda. This is a blue-collar boom. The American dream is back, bigger better and stronger than ever before.

"Above all else, we will forever be loyal to our workers, our citizens and our families, the men and women who are the backbone of our economies, the heart of our communities and the soul of our countries.

"Let us bring light to their lives one by one and empower them to light up the world."

Trump also had a message to deliver when it came to climate change, saying that it was a time for optimism and calling for people to reject "predictions of the apocalypse".

"These alarmists always demand the same thing - absolute power to dominate, transform and control every aspect of our lives."

As for the US Democratic party's push to impeach him, before his speech, in remarks to reporters, Trump reportedly labelled it "just a hoax" and a "witch hunt that's been going on for years."

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