Fund Sectors

The fund sector makes it easier for you to search for a fund via a specific sector.

£ Corporate Bond£ Corporate Bond£ High Yield
£ Strategic BondAbsolute ReturnAbsolute Return
Absolute ReturnActive ManagedActive Managed
Asia Pacific Excluding JapanAsia Pacific Excluding JapanAsia Pacific Excluding Japan
Asia Pacific Excluding JapanAsia Pacific Including JapanAsia Pacific Including Japan
Balanced ManagedBalanced ManagedBroker Funds
Broker Pension FundsCautious ManagedCautious Managed
China/Greater ChinaChina/Greater ChinaCommodity/Energy
Commodity/EnergyCorporate BondCorporate Bond
Currency FundsDefensive ManagedDefensive Managed
Distribution FundsDistribution FundsDiversified Bond
Diversified BondEndowment PoliciesEurope Excluding UK
Europe Including UKEurope excluding UK EquitiesEurope excluding UK Equities
Europe including UK EquitiesEurope including UK EquitiesEuropean Smaller Companies
European Smaller CompaniesFar East Excluding JapanFar East excluding Japan
Far East excluding JapanFar East including JapanFar East including Japan
Flexible InvestmentFlexible InvestmentGlobal
GlobalGlobalGlobal Bonds
Global BondsGlobal BondsGlobal Emerging Markets
Global Emerging MarketsGlobal Emerging MarketsGlobal Equities
Global EquitiesGlobal Equity IncomeGlobal Equity Income
Global Equity IncomeGlobal Fixed InterestGlobal Fixed Interest
Global Smaller CompaniesGuaranteed/Protected FundsHigh Yield
IMA UnclassifiedJapanJapan
JapanJapanJapanese Smaller Companies
Latin AmericaMixed Investment 0-35% SharesMixed Investment 20-60% Shares
Mixed Investment 40-85% SharesMoney MarketMoney Market
Money MarketNorth AmericaNorth America
North AmericaNorth American Smaller CompaniesNorth American Smaller Companies
North American Smaller CompaniesPersonal PensionsProperty
Protected FundsProtected/Guaranteed FundsProtected/Guaranteed Funds
Short Term Money MarketSpecialistSpecialist
SpecialistSpecialistSterling Other Fixed Interest
Sterling Other Fixed InterestStockmarket ManagedStockmarket Managed
Strategic BondTargeted Absolute ReturnTargeted Absolute Return
Targeted Absolute ReturnTechnology & TelecommunicationsTechnology & Telecommunications
UK All CompaniesUK All CompaniesUK All Companies
UK All CompaniesUK Direct PropertyUK Equity & Bond Income
UK Equity IncomeUK Equity IncomeUK Equity Income
UK Equity IncomeUK Equity Income & GrowthUK Equity Income & Growth
UK Fixed InterestUK Fixed InterestUK Gilt
UK GiltUK GiltsUK Index Linked
UK Index LinkedUK Index Linked GiltUK Index Linked Gilts
UK Long BondUK Smaller CompaniesUK Smaller Companies
UK Smaller CompaniesUK Smaller CompaniesUK Zeros
Uncategorised UK InsuranceUncategorised UK Inv TrustsUncategorised UK Pension Funds
Uncategorised UK Pension Funds 2Uncategorised UK Pension Funds 3Uncategorised UK UT/OEIC
Uncategorised UK UT/OEIC Non AuthVolatility ManagedWith Profits
With Profits  

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