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  • Sunday share tips: Experian, Dogs of ...

    (Sharecast News) - The Sunday Times's Emma Dunkley sounded a positive note on shares of Experian but nevertheless labelled the stock a 'hold' due t...

  • Sunday share tips: Scotgold, WPP

    (Sharecast News) - The Mail on Sunday's Midas column believes that it may be a good time for investors to take some profits in shares of ScotGold i...

  • Sunday share tips: Reckitt Benckiser,...

    (Sharecast News) - Despite the sag in Durex in sales during the first half at Reckitt Benckiser's, the Mail on Sunday's Rosie Murray-West told read...

  • Sunday share tips: B&M, Aviva

    (Sharecast News) - The Sunday Times's Jill Treanor thinks shares of B&M are worth holding onto despite their v-shaped recovery from the worst of th...

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    (Sharecast News) - Close Brothers has several things going for in comparison to its peers, but it too faces challenges and with so much uncertainty...

  • Sunday share tips: Restaurant Group, ...

    (Sharecast News) - The Sunday Times's Sabah Meddings told readers that shares of Restaurant Group were best avoided given the issues surrounding it...

  • Sunday share tips: Royal Dutch Shell,...

    (Sharecast News) - In her 'Inside the City' column for the Sunday Times, Jill Treanor wrote that after her appearance at the World Economic Forum i...

  • Sunday share tips: Ideagen, RSA

    (Sharecast News) - The Mail on Sunday's Midas column recommends that investors stick with Ideagen, pointing to software developer's big base of rec...

  • Sunday share tips: Whitbread, Caretech

    (Sharecast News) - The Sunday Times's Peter Evans told readers to 'buy' shares of Whitbread as the hotel and restaurant operator prepares to reopen...

  • Sunday share tips: IPF, ABF

    (Sharecast News) - The Sunday Times's Emma Dunkley told readers to 'sell' shares of International Personal Finance, citing the still substantial un...

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    Morgan Stanley

    Company Name Date Trade Value
       Standard Lif... 29-Oct-20   Buy of £1,088k
    Expand Essentra (2) 29-Oct-20   Buy of £60.1k
      Mr Paul Forman 29-Oct-20   Buy of £24.1k
      Mr Ralf K Wunderlich 29-Oct-20   Buy of £36.0k
       Prudential 29-Oct-20   Buy of £52.6k
       Polypipe Group 29-Oct-20   Buy of £20.4k
    Expand Next (2) 28-Oct-20   Sell of £782k
      Mr Richard Papp 28-Oct-20   Sell of £729k
      Mr Richard Papp 28-Oct-20   Sell of £52.7k
    Expand GlaxoSmithKline (9) 28-Oct-20   Buy of £162k
      Mr Jonathan Symonds 28-Oct-20   Buy of £43.8k
      Mr Charles Bancroft 28-Oct-20   Buy of £23.5k
      Mr Manvinder Singh Banga 28-Oct-20   Buy of £9.06k
      Ms Vivienne Cox 28-Oct-20   Buy of £8.44k
      Ms Lynn Elsenhans 28-Oct-20   Buy of £16.7k
      Dr Laurie Glimcher 28-Oct-20   Buy of £31.0k
      Dr Jesse Goodman 28-Oct-20   Buy of £10.2k
      Ms Judy Lewent 28-Oct-20   Buy of £10.9k
      Mr Urs Rohner 28-Oct-20   Buy of £8.44k
       Phoenix Grou... 28-Oct-20   Buy of £119k
       HSBC Holdings 28-Oct-20   Buy of £119k
    Expand Bellway (3) 28-Oct-20   Buy of £90.5k
      Mr Paul Hampden Smith 28-Oct-20   Buy of £49.7k
      Mr Paul Hampden Smith 28-Oct-20   Buy of £974
      Mr Paul Hampden Smith 28-Oct-20   Buy of £39.8k
       BP 28-Oct-20   Buy of £50.0k

    Company Name Date Trade Value
    Expand Foxtons Group (2) 29-Oct-20   Buy of £107k
      Mr Richard Harris 29-Oct-20   Buy of £74.1k
      Mr Ian Barlow 29-Oct-20   Buy of £32.8k
       City of Lond... 28-Oct-20   Buy of £118k
       Harworth Group 28-Oct-20   Buy of £49.6k
       Baillie Giff... 28-Oct-20   Buy of £21.0k

    There are no recent Director Deals for the FTSE AIM All-Share

    Index asc Value asc Chg asc % Chg asc
    ASX 200 5927.60 -130.10 -2.15 %
    ASX All... 6133.20 -128.60 -2.05 %
    CAC 40 4584.31 14.64 0.32 %
    Dow Jon... 26659.11 139.16 0.52 %
    FTSE 100 5567.04 -14.71 -0.26 %
    FTSE 250 17140.62 -37.06 -0.22 %
    FTSE Al... 3144.09 -8.04 -0.26 %
    FTSE MI... 17900.09 27.81 0.16 %
    FTSE te... 5396.95 1.42 0.03 %
    IBEX 35 6441.30 29.50 0.46 %
    Nasdaq 100 11350.74 207.99 1.87 %
    S&P 500 3310.11 39.08 1.19 %
    TSX Com... 0.00 N/A N/A
    Xetra DAX 11595.33 -2.74 -0.02 %
    Company Value Chg
    NATWEST GROUP PLC ORD 100P 124.15p +6.0%
    Standard Chartered 358.00p +3.8%
    BT Group 101.65p +2.6%
    Barclays 107.28p +2.5%
    Royal Dutch Shell 'B' 915.90p +2.0%
    WPP 611.20p +1.9%
    Royal Dutch Shell 'A' 950.10p +1.9%
    International Consolidated Airlines Group SA (CDI) 92.62p +1.7%
    Ashtead Group 2,819.00p +1.5%
    Pearson 505.40p +1.2%
    Company Value Chg
    Rolls-Royce Holdings 70.56p -2.5%
    BHP Group 1,459.60p -2.1%
    Compass Group 1,050.00p -1.7%
    Next 5,870.00p -1.7%
    Imperial Brands 1,207.50p -1.6%
    Ocado Group 2,312.00p -1.6%
    Rentokil Initial 529.80p -1.6%
    Fresnillo 1,149.50p -1.6%
    Unilever 4,394.00p -1.5%
    Glencore 153.18p -1.5%

    Note 1: Prices and trades are provided by Digital Look Corporate Solutions and are delayed by at least 15 minutes.

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