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Crossword launches 'Nixer CyberML' machine learning products

By Josh White

Date: Thursday 14 Nov 2019

Crossword launches 'Nixer CyberML' machine learning products

(Sharecast News) - Cybersecurity-focussed technology commercialisation company Crossword Cybersecurity announced the launch of 'Nixer CyberML', a family of machine-learning based security and anti-fraud software products designed to help organisations build those capabilities into applications, on Thursday.
The AIM-traded firm described Nixer CyberML as a new tool for businesses that were looking to solve advanced security and cybercrime problems, such as detecting and dealing with compromised accounts, fraud and in-application denial of service attacks.

It explained that many of today's security and fraud problems occurred within applications and were difficult, if not impossible, to detect externally to the applications.

For example, if a fraudster had obtained a user's login details via a credential attack, their access to the site while logging in could appear normal, but once inside the site, they could start to behave maliciously.

Nixer CyberML would allow development teams to rapidly add machine learning-based detection to online applications, such as online banking, ecommerce systems, ticket sites, and critical business apps, that could learn to "accurately distinguish" between good and bad user behaviour.

The initial release designed for developers included the Nixer CyberML architecture, code libraries for Spring framework-based applications, and a local Nixer CyberML Engine designed to help with credential protection functionality.

It said the Nixer CyberML Engine stores and processes anonymous application event data, and contains the machine-learning algorithms which would determine whether events are normal or potentially malicious.

Future versions of Nixer CyberML would give developers access to cloud-based machine learning algorithms.

"Machine learning-based approaches to cybersecurity are not uncommon in very advanced applications, but most development teams are maxed out and do not have the right data science skills and tools to implement effective solutions quickly," said Crossword chief product officer Jake Holloway.

"This is why Nixer CyberML has been designed - it allows organisations to build in security and anti-fraud capabilities easily and quickly, without needing to employ machine learning specialists."

Chief executive officer Tom Ilube added that the first product to come out of the Nixer CyberML family of products was part of Crossword's 'CyberAI' initiative.

"It will be followed up with further services to help enterprises, software-as-a-service vendors and developers accelerate projects that add intelligence to their applications.

"As the UK's leading cyber security commercialisation company we work with universities regularly, as we have with Imperial College London on Nixer CyberML's machine learning algorithm design and selection."


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